Monday, February 11, 2013

A bunch of....." PRAISE THE LORDS"!!

We made it to Florida just fine about three weeks ago. It has already been a crazy 3 weeks. Marks surgery has seemed to be a success and he is recovering good. Please keep him in your prayers as he has lots of healing to go. He has been loosing weight to get healthy & help with the pressure with/on his back.

     Thanks to all of you that have given to his surgery & kept he & I in your prayers. They are all needed and appreciated.

     The meetings here's in Florida have been great & God has blessed. And the weather here hasn't been to shabby either. LOL! We are enjoying walks out at night & family time as Mark is able to be with us more, not having studio work.

     Thanks for all the prayers for Mark, the ministry & our family. Tyler is doing great in school & is still on target to be done by May for our Summer break! Yay!! Trevor is growing like a weed & becoming a big boy. Love him & Tyler & wish they could have stayed babies FOREVER!! Oh, we'll I am trying to enjoy every stage with them that God has given me.

     Thanks again & I hope you stop by soon to check out what we are up to & how we have been. Thanks & GOD BLESS!!

In His Arms,
Andrea Forester

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

     HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! WOW, cannot believe another year has come & gone. Crazy how time flies when your having fun!! 2012 had it's good times, challenging times, memories were made, & the good news...........JESUS was there with us in ALL those times!!

      If you do not know this JESUS I am talking about, the one that died for you, loves you & wants you to have a BEAUTIFUL home in heaven one day. TODAY, starting this new year would be THE PERFECT time to do so.
 #1: Realize that you are a sinner & that He died for you, rose again & LIVES TODAY!
#2: Repent of your sins & trust in Him to forgive you of your sins.
#3: Live for HIM!!

      It really is that simple & I pray that you will do it, if you have not before it is to late!!

       We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us. We are already facing a challenge this year. Mark is having his third back surgery towards the end of this month. We are praying that this is THE surgery that will help him have/get a life change & a chance for a better/healthy life.

      We covet your prayers as he is facing this & the challenges that it will bring to him & myself. I will be needing to drive us to our meetings more, he will not be able to lift for quite a while. Thus leaving me with more work load than normal. I am MORE than ready & willing to help. But, I do COVET your prayers for patience & strength to do these things to help Mark & my boys.

      Praying that we will be used GREATLY for our Lord with the ministry that HE has given to us. This year MORE than EVER!!

      I pray that the Lord will let us be a part of MANY souls coming to the Lord, & decisions made to serve the Lord better in the future as well. What a joy & challenge it is to serve the Lord & be used of HIM!!!

      Thanks for stopping by, thanks for your prayers for us & the ministry & thanks for being such good partners in ministry. Let us ALL strive to serve the Lord, tell others about Him & be a "light" to ALL those around us more this year.

      God bless you all & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

In HIS arms,
Andrea Forester

Friday, November 30, 2012

Snow, Lights, Baked Goodies....Tis' the Season!!

Simply, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year. Where lights are twinkling, kids are giddy( & parents too), snow could be falling, Christmas carols playing just about EVERYWHERE you go. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!

      This year has gone by WAY to fast. We have seen MANY wonderful things happen. People saved, lives changed. People sharing with us that the songs we sang or something that was said in our meetings, blessed & or encouraged them in their lives. This is what it is ALL about, & thankful that God still chooses to use sinners saved by grace like us.

      Tyler has done AWESOME this year in school. Even on days that it is a drag for him to do double or make up for time that we were on the road, etc. he is still a trooper (he's only 7) to work hard & get it all done that he needs to get done. SO VERY proud of him. He is a GREAT boy, son, miracle to have in our lives & we are blessed to have him!! What  a FUN kid he is. There is not a day that goes by that he does not make me smile, laugh or give me a BIG squeeze just when I need it!! I LOVE him & thankful God chose to give him to me/us!!  MOMMA  LOVES YOU SWEET TYLER!!!

      Trevor is growing so fast & is loosing his "baby" look. NOT happy about this at ALL!! I want him to stay a "baby" FOREVER. But, what mother doesn't?  He is such a joy to me & our lives. He too can always seem to make me smile just in time when I need it, or be right there for me when I need to scoop him up & give/get a BIG OL' SQUEEZE!!! What a blessing, joy he is to me!! SO very thankful that God gave him to me/us too!! LOVE YOU PRECIOUS TREVOR!!

      Mark has been VERY hard in the studio. Working LONG days & enduring MUCH pain to get through the work. So that he can use the jobs that God has sent out way to pay the bills & keep the ministry afloat. I am so VERY proud of him for pushing through & doing all that he can to help provide. What a blessing that he is to myself & the boys. Thanks honey for ALL you do. Thankful God gave you the ability to do what you do. And thanks for using it for HIM & to help us. Even on the days that you don't feel like it & plow through anyway, I KNOW that God honors it & I KNOW that we appreciate it!! LOVE YOU SWEETIE!

      Ministry is going good & we still covet & appreciate your prayers DAILY!!! This world is in for a heap of trouble I do believe more than EVER!!! I pray that we ALL will be about telling others about the Lord & HIS coming. I believe it is VERY close & we MUST be about letting EVERYONE we know about how JESUS can CHANGE their lives & they can have a home in heaven. DON'T keep it to yourselves. GO TELL THEM THE GOOD NEWS!!!

      Please continue to keep us & the ministry in your prayers as we strive to serve, go & do what the Lord wants us to do. Pray we stay strong & Satan will stay FAR AWAY as we try to do so!! With GOD'S help we WILL succeed!! Thanks so much & we hope you have a VERY BLESSED, & HAPPY CHRISTmas!!! Don't forget to tell someone about THE GOOD NEWS this CHRISTmas season! GOD BLESS!!

In HIS arms,
Andrea Forester

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Candy corn season!!

I simply love this time of year! Candy corn, pumpkin painting,  cider mills, pumpkin carving. All kinds of fun things & warm fuzzy clothes to wear. Plus all the beautiful colors on the trees that God allows us to enjoy. What a beautiful painter HE is!

     We have been very busy with all kinds of  stuff here at the Foresters house!! Teaching school, CD jobs, recording projects, decorating and much much more.

     We are looking forward to finishing the year, seeing what God has in store for us & what He would have us to do. What a Great God we serve!!

      The boys are growing way to fast. They are simply a joy to have around. We are very thankful that the Lord has in trusted us with them to train, love, & enjoy their company. We love those little dudes.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us as we travel and do what God has called us to do. We love singing His praises & telling others about Him!!

     We hope & trust that you will have a great Fall with your friends & family. Enjoy the creations that God has given us to enjoy. And eat some extra candy corn for me!

God bless,
In His Arms,
Andrea Forester

Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer is near the End & school has began!!! WOW!

This Summer went by SO fast! Tyler is already doing SO well in his schooling & I am SO proud of him as ever. He started doing cursive this year so it has been a little challenging for he & I both. However, we are surviving & he is doing well!! :0)

I LOVE Fall, and here in Michigan we have already seen a glimpse of some of the weather. I LOVE the cool mornings & evenings, the leaves changing colors, & falling off the trees as you look outside. I love that this time of year, makes for some good times at Cider Mills, Pumpkin carvings & just warm cozy nights at home. I'm looking forward to it!

The ministry is doing well. We saw EIGHT people give their lives to Christ just this past weekend. Do NOT know why God chooses to love & honor our efforts in this ministry, but blessed & humbled that HE does!!!

The the album is going over well in concerts this far. Singing some of the old hymns of the church. You CANNOT go wrong with those good ol' songs!! LOVE them & I know that they will be a blessing & encouragement to me in the future. And we pray & hope they will be to you as well.

Thanks for stopping by & seeing what we have been up to. PLEASE keep us in your prayers as the devil does NOT like the results from this ministry. Thus I am sure that he would like to attack in as many ways as he can. Let's all claim Phil. 4:13 " I can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens me."

Thanks for the prayers,  & until next time............ GOD BLESS YA!!!

In HIS arms,
Andrea Forester

Friday, August 10, 2012

School is back in session............almost!

I cannot believe that my 'BABY" Tyler will start 2nd grade next week!! I have all the books ready, the school room is ready, & I am NOT  ready!! He is growing up SO fast. We BOTH will covet your prayers as there will be days of tears I am sure. Some days I do wish that he could go to a "normal" school. But then quickly realize what a JOY, HONOR, PRIVILEGE to teach my own child. I know EXACTLY what he is learning, I GET to be the one to teach him & I don't have to ship him off & tell him bye every morning of the week during school semesters. WHAT A JOY it really is!! Thankful that God has helped us BOTH to this point & provided for us to do so to this point. VERY BLESSED & thankful for GOD'S goodness to us in EVERY way!!

We have been VERY busy with CD work & Mark has been EXTREMELY busy in the studio. He works SO hard for others to give them the VERY best & most folks do NOT understand the strain & efforts that he puts forth. He should be getting paid TRIPLE what he gets but doesn't. Yet, somehow GOD always provides, take care & always seems to give him the strength to keep on going. He loves to help others & in return it helps us & the ministry as well. Thanks MARK FORESTER for all you do honey! Your family loves you VERY much!

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers everyone. Please continue to pray for the ministry, our vehicles, equipment etc. It seems there is NEVER a week that doesn't go by that something doesn't go or try to go bad. SO, prayers for everything to just keep on running would be great! Keep Mark's back & the rest of our health in your prayers too.

Thanks for stopping by & we pray that you continue to have a good Summer. Thanks for your prayers & support to what GOD has so graciously called us to do. WE ARE BLESSED!!!

In HIS arms,

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where has the Summer gone?

Well the new school books for Tyler are ordered and should be here in a few days. Summer has FLOWN by. We have done some fun things, but hope to fit in some more before we start back in a few weeks.

      Looking forward to trying to teach Tyler some more new things in school. We would covet your prayers as he will be learning NEW things & I will be Re-learning OLD things!! :0)

     We have been staying VERY busy on the road. Busy in the studio & duplication business too!! We would also covet your prayers in this area too, as we are in the progress of making a new CD!! We are doing another "HYMNS" project that we hope will be a huge blessing & encouragement to ALL who hear it. It takes alot of work , time & effort to do this. Many hours that folks don't see or know about. PLEASE pay for Mark, as he does ALL the tracks & mixing etc. MUCH more work than I have to do!

     Thanks SO much for your prayer and support to us & the ministry that GOD has so graciously given to us. We are very honored that God would use us to sing & share the gospel. What a blessing that it is to serve HIM!!!

     We hope to see you all at a concert real soon. But, if not prayers are appreciated & accepted!! Thanks for the prayers, and until next time.....GOD BLESS!!!

In HIS arms,
Andrea Forester